What makes us so special

Over 450 motivated employees are the driving force behind kößler technologie. The innovative ideas and high-level quality awareness of the employees in the company sustainably increase our economic success as well as that of our customers.

The long-term success of kößler technologie is often reflected in the social relationships within our company.
Fair marginal conditions and interaction based on mutual appreciation as well as communication at eye level create an environment for us in which work is enjoyable and there is a balance between work and private life.

"Robots must not replace people, they should support them in their daily work." CEO R. Kößler

The big advantage - what we offer our employees

30 days' holiday
work-life balance
supported and promoted
for regional fitness studios
means security in retirement
Participation in sporting events
for more movement
internal and external
Free water
the whole year
Employee events
experiences that connect
modern & ergonomic
Health courses
for well-being
Flexible working hours
for more freedom
Flexible & variable  ­
pay components