Apprentices with brains

As a family company, we greatly value the training of our young talents. The long-term prospects of our employees are particularly important to us.

In our own training centre, we offer varied and forward-looking apprenticeships with many possibilities for your future professional life.

An apprenticeship usually lasts two to three-and-a-half years. During this time, you will work in various departments in order to learn the connections and to get a holistic overview of the processes.

Internship – Find out what is fun

Before you choose your profession, you should be certain that it is right for you. We regularly offer internships both in the business and industrial field.

Since we only have a limited number of internships, an early application is necessary.

The big advantage - what we offer our apprentices

Premature integration
in responsible activities
A place in one of the
largest families in Babenhausen
Supporting training
Apprentice events 
and excursions
Special leave
for exam preparationg
for regional fitness studios
Guaranteed job
if your performance is good
Interesting career opportunities
with future prospects
certificate bonus

ßler is designing the future, join in!

Our trainers support, encourage and promote you throughout your apprenticeship.

They always have an ear open and support you in your personal development.

Our team of trainers is looking forward to meeting you.
from left to right: Tobias Wohllaib, Alexander Qagish, Claudia Gröger, Wolfgang Reich
from left to right: Tobias Wohllaib, Alexander Qagish, Claudia Gröger, Wolfgang Reich

Show us what you've got!
Any questions?

We do not have a closing date for applications, but you know what they say: "The early bird catches the worm."

Ideally you should apply a year before the start of the apprenticeship.
We prefer to receive applications by email as pdf files. Of course, you can also send your application by post.

kößler technologie GmbH
HR department
Schöneggweg 25 . 87727 Babenhausen

- Cover sheet with photograph
- Application letter
- CV
- Last 3 school certificates
- Internship certificates
- Proof of out-of-school activities, certificates

Please only send us copies, never originals!
The selection process has several steps. First of all, the documents are checked for completeness, format, spelling and formal structure.

We then invite you to an interview.

If you present yourself well, you will be promised your desired apprenticeship.
The interview is not an interrogation. It is about getting to know each other. We want to find out whether you are suitable for our advertised position.

- Remember the date.
- Look at our website, find out about the training and the company.
- Think about your strengths.
- Write down open questions.

Just be yourself! We look forward to meeting you!
Precision landing with the perfect application

Application folder check

The application folder is your ticket to the starting of a successful future. We offer every interested person a free application folder check – no matter whether you want to apply to us or another company.

1.) Get in touch and agree an appointment with us.

WhatsApp 0170 - 9 80 45 01

2.) Before the appointment, send us all your application documents, ideally by email as pdf.

3.) We will check your documents for completeness in respect of wording, contents and layout.

4.) At the agreed appointment we will advise you about your application and give you practical tips for the interview.